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Go Faster, "Daddy"

Go Faster, "Daddy"

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Over 15,000+ satisfied customers.

We have shared our amazing products with over 15,000 satisfied customer last year. over 1300 of which gave us full 5 Star reviews.

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(The processing time is 7-10 business days.)

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Most of our reviews mention our fast and kind customer service. We care for you and want to make the experience as great as possible for you.

🔥 Looking for a high-quality keychain that will last for years? 🔥 Our laser-cut keychains are made from durable 2mm stainless steel, and feature a deep black laser engraving that won't fade over time. Each keychain is carefully crafted with precision, ensuring that you get a product that you'll love.

In addition to its high-quality construction, our keychains also come with fast and reliable shipping. We use DHL/Post.AT depending on your location. Our processing time is a fast 7 days. As a finishing touch, your keychain will be packaged in a sleek black velvet bag, making it the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

So why wait? 💪 Get your hands on one of these beautiful keychains today and enjoy a product that is built to last. 🛒 Order now and add a touch of style to your daily routine!

This design was created by Amia


Stainless Steel (2mm)


These keychains are cut from a sheet of stainless steel with a 3kw fibre-laser.

After cutting, the keychains go through an intricate sanding and polishing process.

In this step, the pieces are removed of all excess materials, the sharp corners are rounded and the surface is polished.

The keychains are finished with a dark laser engraving that cannot be removed.

Equipped with a fitting chain and ring the polished piece will then go into packing.

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We ship with DHL and Post.At.

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